First blog post

I never ever thought that I would write a blog about anything!  However, here I am on the pre-service teacher journey stepping outside of the comfort zone once more, although, I have come to like the push to do so!  Since beginning my degree my ICT knowledge has grown significantly, with a push and through self-discovery.  I look forward to riding a new wave of ICT’s by sharing and learning, and then having the ability to incorporate new ICT knowledge and skills into my teaching practice.


Preparing for Professional Experience

As suggested in Week 9, in preparation for the upcoming Professional Experience it is favourable to begin a checklist.  I did try Trello, the organisational tool that can be used privately or in a team collaboration to manage projects.  I am a “to do list” person and found Trello user friendly and can see how it could benefit a team keeping up to speed when working on a project.  I could see this being a tool that secondary students could use for group assignments, although I am sure that there is an app that performs similar functions and more current for this purpose.  Realising this is not a new app, first developed 2011 by Fog Creek Software, I began to reflect again on my past and present ICT use that tends to use what is readily available (preloaded apps and programs on devices) and don’t get adventurous searching for the latest and greatest.  I am a task oriented ICT user and most times just want to get the job done.  My participation in EDC3100 is encouraging change, but the next task is PRAC!  Cannot wait to mark this off the list…   The beginnings of my PRAC Checklist

Prep for Prac


What do our students already know?

Personally I am a big fan of quizzes and throughout my degree as an on-line learner I have been required to complete a pre-quiz (pre-assessment) before jumping into the first module.  During an endless search, this time on Diigo I stumbled across the linked article about pre-assessment for gauging student’s prior knowledge or diagnostic testing on the NAIKU Educators PLN.

Importance of pre-assessment


What was different the 2nd task around

The second assignment task required a unit plan with rich and purposeful integration and use of ICTs to construct and transform learning…
The context for my assignment 2 was Year 6 Science, with the main learning objective evolving around the following content descriptor: Sudden geological changes and extreme weather events can effect Earth’s surface (ACSSU096),
Initially I was focusing most of the content and assessments of the unit on earthquakes.  However, after some consideration regarding the lack of flexibility that gave to the unit, I included extreme weather events within the learning content and as a choice for the summative assessment.
Another change was made to the first formative assessment, from a concept map to a graphic organiser.  When completing the concept map for this blog, it is likely to be operator error, but I was losing my way and pathway of thought in a tangled web.  I suppose I was trying to think about the best way I transform my learning?
I wasn’t thinking far enough ahead when working on assignment 1 and missed the connection between the assignments.  I have introduced the teacher created website in learning experience 2 as being one activity in a group rotation teaching strategy.  Introducing the group rotation was also new.  I have also included the use of a science journal for students to show learning from the website.
 “Don’t think of it as failure.  Think of it as time-released success” – Robert Orben
Bring on assignment 3…


Another teacher’s practice and vision of technology in education

All the way from Norway… this link is to a teachers blog, a teacher seriously immersed in ICT and education.  I really liked the project and use of technology in the film making project with the high school students, it looks like they had plenty of fun and their interest was totally captured in the production.

Apps for Special Ed

I have now been working in a Special Education setting for 9 years in school administration and as a teacher aid.  The more opportunities that I get to teach when on Professional Experiences or working in the classroom supporting learning, keeping your finger on the pulse of new apps or ones that you have not yet come across are helpful to maintain or regain student engagement.  Students with special needs love technology just as much as any student without a disability so finding quality apps that can assist learning and student outcomes is always a bonus! 


The ICT journey so far…

Please keep in mind as you read my blogs that I find this experience a little torturous…

Toward the end of high school pretty much my first experiences with computers was MS DOS (primitive).  For some that have just read that sentence, you may never have heard of that (feel free to google and then look for an image it will be good for a laugh).  Experiences with ICTs that followed this was always in relation to my job; machine operations, administration tasks and finance software.  Never as such for enjoyment (no I am not a gamer).  Using ICTs now for me is more fun and enjoyable, less intimidating (still challenging though).  I love the information and knowledge that can be reached and obtained at my finger tips (after sorting what’s the real deal).  Frustrating sometimes, but I have also really enjoyed and felt accomplishment from the ICT challenges and tasks (creating websites, creating and recording presentations, using sound mixing software, eportfolio and blogging) that have been thrown my way during studying BEDU.

Stay tuned…