The ICT journey so far…

Please keep in mind as you read my blogs that I find this experience a little torturous…

Toward the end of high school pretty much my first experiences with computers was MS DOS (primitive).  For some that have just read that sentence, you may never have heard of that (feel free to google and then look for an image it will be good for a laugh).  Experiences with ICTs that followed this was always in relation to my job; machine operations, administration tasks and finance software.  Never as such for enjoyment (no I am not a gamer).  Using ICTs now for me is more fun and enjoyable, less intimidating (still challenging though).  I love the information and knowledge that can be reached and obtained at my finger tips (after sorting what’s the real deal).  Frustrating sometimes, but I have also really enjoyed and felt accomplishment from the ICT challenges and tasks (creating websites, creating and recording presentations, using sound mixing software, eportfolio and blogging) that have been thrown my way during studying BEDU.

Stay tuned…


2 thoughts on “The ICT journey so far…

  1. I am a bit in the same boat, my seven year old son seems to know more about how to use ICT’s such PowerPoint then myself. I only begun accessing the internet when I started studying, I personally would prefer to spend my free time outside in the garden. I know when I was finishing school, teachers were still using the black board and chalk. I remember doing one unit in English where we did a report on the computer but that was it. I can see that so much has changed since my schooling days compared with my son’s. I fear that I have much to learn about ICT’s before I start teaching.


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