What was different the 2nd task around

The second assignment task required a unit plan with rich and purposeful integration and use of ICTs to construct and transform learning…
The context for my assignment 2 was Year 6 Science, with the main learning objective evolving around the following content descriptor: Sudden geological changes and extreme weather events can effect Earth’s surface (ACSSU096),
Initially I was focusing most of the content and assessments of the unit on earthquakes.  However, after some consideration regarding the lack of flexibility that gave to the unit, I included extreme weather events within the learning content and as a choice for the summative assessment.
Another change was made to the first formative assessment, from a concept map to a graphic organiser.  When completing the concept map for this blog, it is likely to be operator error, but I was losing my way and pathway of thought in a tangled web.  I suppose I was trying to think about the best way I transform my learning?
I wasn’t thinking far enough ahead when working on assignment 1 and missed the connection between the assignments.  I have introduced the teacher created website in learning experience 2 as being one activity in a group rotation teaching strategy.  Introducing the group rotation was also new.  I have also included the use of a science journal for students to show learning from the website.
 “Don’t think of it as failure.  Think of it as time-released success” – Robert Orben
Bring on assignment 3…


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