Preparing for Professional Experience

As suggested in Week 9, in preparation for the upcoming Professional Experience it is favourable to begin a checklist.  I did try Trello, the organisational tool that can be used privately or in a team collaboration to manage projects.  I am a “to do list” person and found Trello user friendly and can see how it could benefit a team keeping up to speed when working on a project.  I could see this being a tool that secondary students could use for group assignments, although I am sure that there is an app that performs similar functions and more current for this purpose.  Realising this is not a new app, first developed 2011 by Fog Creek Software, I began to reflect again on my past and present ICT use that tends to use what is readily available (preloaded apps and programs on devices) and don’t get adventurous searching for the latest and greatest.  I am a task oriented ICT user and most times just want to get the job done.  My participation in EDC3100 is encouraging change, but the next task is PRAC!  Cannot wait to mark this off the list…   The beginnings of my PRAC Checklist

Prep for Prac


1 thought on “Preparing for Professional Experience

  1. Hi there, love the organisation, I am a list girl too. There is lots to think about and I find if I allocate a space, on-line or in a journal, it works for me. I love ticking the things off. That is a great feeling too.
    Barb 🙂

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